Smile Gallery

single dental implant Stockton

Single Implant inc final restoration

from £2,450

multiple dental implants Stockton

Implant supported crown & bridgework

from £2,450

dental implant retained denture Stockton

Implant supported over denture (inc. implants)

from £4,500

full smile

All-on-4-same-day teeth (inc. implants & bridge)

from £9,700

Full Mouth Implant Rehailitation


Full-Arch Implant Rehailitation


Full Mouth Implant Case 2 

High-end acrylic teeth over metal frameworks

Ful-Arch Implant Rehab


Full Arch Rehab Hybrid


Full Mouth Rehailitation

Increased vertical dimension of occlusion


High-end acrylic teeth over metal frameworks

Ful-Arch Rehabilitation


Full Mouth Rehailitation

Raised vertical dimension of occlusion

Full Mouth Rehailitation

Case 2

Cosmetic Case #1

Cosmetic Case #2

Full mouth PFMs, #13-16implant-supported bridge

Cosmetic Case #3

Composite resin bonding and implants

Cosmetic Case #4

Combination gum lift, all-ceramic crowns and veneers

Cosmetic Case #5

New porcelain fused to metal crowns

Cosmetic Case #6

Porcelain venners

Single Implant Case #1

Supported crowns

Single Implant Case #2


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