Dental implants Stockton are the ideal replacement solution for missing teeth, to give patients back a fully functioning mouth. Why dental practitioners and patients alike favour dental implants Stockton is probably due to their longer lasting benefits as compared to more conventional treatment solutions, as well as the aesthetic value of mirroring natural teeth.

The reason behind the efficacy of dental implants Stockton is a simple one – this tooth replacement method makes use of the exact two-part structure of a natural tooth – a root embedded beneath the gum line and a crown (the part of a tooth that is visible to the naked eye).

This natural tooth-like structure is important and lays the foundation for all of the benefits afforded by artificial tooth replacement implants. The root – in this case a metal screw-like root – is surgically inserted into the jawbone, securing it in place so it functions like an anchor for the crown. Once the metal rod is implanted, the patient will need to wait for the healing period to take place which will allow the metal rod to fuse to the jawbone, so that it becomes a natural part of the mouth

Once fusion takes place, the patient will then be ready to receive the crown to be installed on top. The artificial crown is replicated to look, feel and function in the same way a human’s natural tooth does and is the source of confidence a patient feels when having to eat or smile.

3 reasons to love affordable dental implants in Stockton


Due to their strong solid foundation, artificial tooth implants can fulfil many roles from replacing single or multiple missing teeth to keeping dentures in place.

Secures the health of teeth, gum and jawbone

Gaps left open in the dental arch when teeth fall out or are lost due to decay pose a risk to the health of neighbouring teeth, gum quality and jawbone density. When spaces between teeth are not filled with a suitable missing teeth replacement option, it opens the way for adjacent teeth to move out of position. Below the gum line, the jawbone requires the tooth roots to keep it strong as jawbone quality can decrease without them.

Relatively long life of service

No patient wants to keep having to replace their artificial teeth – it is not only heavy on the pocket, but costly in terms of time as well, as it is not uncommon for traditional tooth replacement options to get damaged or break with use. Provided that they are maintained as directed by a dental practitioner, artificial tooth implants are generally known to offer a long-term solution.

To benefit from all the above advantages of artificial teeth implants, patients need to be a good fit for this treatment plan. One crucial requirement is to have gums that are disease and infection-free in addition to an appropriate level of jawbone density. Should there be any concern regarding jawbone or gum health, the dental practitioner may suggest addressing these issues first before going ahead with implantation.

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