It is not at first apparent to patients, until a dentist points it out, that not having your full set of teeth can have an adverse effect on not only your mouth, but overall general health too. It is for these reasons and not only aesthetic ones that we urge patients to seek appropriate solutions to replace missing teeth. Dental implants Stockton are by far the most often requested alternative to replace missing teeth – a popularity driven by the numerous advantages unique to this dental solution.

At our dental healthcare centre we often hear how our patients have fallen in love with their dental implants Stockton singing this alternative solution’s praises from how beautiful their smiles now look to how easy it is now to keep their teeth clean to how wonderful it is to eat their favourite foods with confidence once more!

Yes, our dental practitioners love these sought after benefits too, but there is so much more to dental implants Stockton, especially the role played by artificial tooth implants in securing the health of patients’ oral health and physical and emotional wellbeing.

How dental implants promote overall good health

Dental health

Patients will find that a full set of straight teeth is easier to clean as there are no awkward gaps for food to get trapped in or bad bacteria to hide in.

A full set of teeth also helps in safeguarding the structure of the dental arches – no gaps left open means there is less risk of teeth moving out of position.

Jawbone density is protected too as the quality of jawbone is dependent on the stimulation provided by tooth roots to keep growing.

Teeth surrounding the implants are safe from damage, unlike the discomfort and possible damage traditional teeth replacement devices can cause to neighbouring teeth they are attached to.

Nutritional health

When it comes to consuming particular foods, gaps left open by missing teeth or the use of some traditional missing teeth replacement devices can present biting and chewing challenges for a patient. With the artificial teeth implants rooted securely into the jawbone, there is no chance of them moving about and patients are no longer restricted to eating only certain types of food, and with a more expansive diet, they can ensure they benefit from a wide range of nutrients and vitamins.

Emotional health

The enviable ability to smile confidently can make a world of difference to a patient’s self-esteem. And thanks to Stockton dental implants, patients will be delighted to show off beautiful straight smiles secure in the knowledge that no one will be able to discern that they have artificial teeth implants. With a renewed boost in confidence, patients can take full advantage of new and exciting job opportunities as well as enjoy more social engagements.

For a clinically proven, effective and safe alternative to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth, schedule a consultation with one of our highly experienced implant dentists at Cleveland Cosmetic and Dental Implant Clinic. We are renowned for our particular focus on exceptional patient care and a quality dental service.