Implant-supported overdentures are becoming more and more popular with denture wearers the world over. While the invention of dentures certainly changed the lives of many people at the time when the state of the general populace’s oral health was in disarray, we have since improved upon them in order for people to feel more comfortable and confident. No longer do you need to feel self-conscious about your teeth falling out, you can laugh, sing and enjoy all the foods you once used to, thanks to dental implants Stockton. With the use of implants, we are able to secure a set of dentures inside your mouth so that they will never come out of place, again thus giving you more confidence to live your life to the full.

What is a dental implant?

If you think of a tooth in two parts; the bit you see and the bit you don’t which we call the root then imagine a dental implant acting as the root of the tooth. A dental implant is a titanium screw that acts in place of a tooth’s root holding the bit we see in place. Dental implants Stockton can hold a single false tooth in place or even a bridge of false teeth, but what they are best known for is holding your dentures in place so they do not fall out. We use titanium because your bones love to grow onto this material and fuse with it to make a really strong base for dentures to be fitted onto.

How do they support dentures?

It isn’t necessary to have an implant for each tooth that you are missing, in fact, your entire row of upper dentures can be securely supported on only 2 implants which are placed strategically on each side of the dental arch. Each implant that sits within the bone of the upper jaw is connected to an abutment, this abutment sits above the gum and has a special connection which attaches to a hook with is carefully placed inside the custom set of dentures, holding them firmly in place, no matter what you decide to eat or do.

What is the procedure like?

For nervous patients, we can perform the procedure under sedation if you feel you are too anxious to be fully aware the whole time, or if the sound of a dentist’s drill makes you uncomfortable. Before we begin with the implantation, we will first numb your mouth so that you will not feel a thing, then we will expose the bone by opening the gum and then drill into the bone so that we can screw in the small implant. The abutment is then fitted to the implant and you will be given a set of temporary dentures in order to wait for your body’s natural healing process to take place over the next 3-6 months. In that time a dental technician will create a customised and comfortable set of dentures to fit to your dental implants Stockton in order for you to finish the last stage of the process, which is being fitted for your new teeth.