At Cleveland Cosmetic and Dental Implant Clinic Stockton, we get excited every time we get asked about our treatments in implant dentistry, because we know full well how patients can benefit from this alternative to replace missing teeth. This missing tooth replacement solution remains one of our firm go-to favourites, because of its long-term efficacy as well as its long list of plus points.

Dental implants available at Cleveland Cosmetic and Dental Implant Clinic Stockton answer to a number of attractive advantages that most patients seek in their missing teeth replacement devices: aesthetic value, reliable long-term results, comfort, durability, fuss-free maintenance and affordability.

We are quite happy to list the numerous ways this treatment option benefits patients, but as part of an ethical dental care service, it is also important to us to point out that not every patient may be suitable to receive dental implants as certain oral health conditions need to be met.

One of the things that delight us most at Cleveland Cosmetic and Dental Implant Clinic Stockton is when patients ask probing questions about the dental treatment they are interested in receiving. Questions from patients illustrate their interest in their dental health and their desire for the very best treatments the dental industry has to offer. Here are some commonly-asked questions we thought you might like to include the next time you visit us for a consultation on implant dentistry.

Key questions on dental implants to ask an implant dentist might include the following.

Why are artificial tooth replacement implants so highly recommended by dental practitioners?

Once patients understand the structure of a dental implant and how it works, they quickly see the advantages of the system used and why it is able to deliver the highly sought after benefits that it does.

Simply put, dental implants best replicate the structure of a natural tooth that consists of two important parts: a root to act as a solid anchor below the gum line and a crown to act as the tooth to enable chewing and biting functionality.

Can the body reject an artificial tooth implant?

An experienced implant dentist will ensure the chances of fusion (the process whereby the metal root-like structure fuses into the jawbone) are favourable by making sure a patient meets all minimum criteria and that optimal healing takes place, so that there is minimal risk of the body rejecting the implant. Provided that a patient takes all the care as advised by our clinic implant dentists, patients can enjoy their dental implants for a very long term.

How many teeth can be replaced by dental implants?

One of the wonderful things about artificial tooth replacement implants is their versatile use. Artificial tooth replacement implants can be used in place of a single tooth missing or a set of missing teeth – it all depends on the needs of the individual patient.

How long does the entire treatment procedure take?

Once again this depends on each patient’s situation. There is typically a two-stage process – the implant procedure which needs time to heal (usually 6 to 8 weeks) and then the placing of the crown on top. Obviously, should a patient require any necessary dental care before implantation like treating poor gum health, treatment duration will be lengthened.

To find answers to your questions or concerns about dental implant treatments, get in touch with us at the Cleveland Cosmetic and Dental Implant Clinic to arrange a consultation.