We know the score, you are concerned about your smile because you have missing teeth and it doesn’t make you feel like smiling. If anything, you lack confidence because of one or more missing teeth and you’d rather not look at photos of yourself, or take a sideways glance in the mirror.

The fact of the matter is, you simply can’t avoid the selfie stick of an overzealous memory-making friend, or shy away from every mirror on the wall. Here at CDIC, we can offer a solution to missing teeth that isn’t the stuff of magic, but will make you feel like you’re in a fairytale with dental implants Stockton.

What are dental implants Stockton?

Implants are titanium screws that are attached to your jawbone and act as artificial roots for replacement teeth, whether you have crowns, dentures or bridges to replace one or more missing teeth. They offer a firm and secure post for the replacement teeth, which means you shouldn’t experience any embarrassing moments with your teeth coming loose as you talk, or when you’re dining with friends or family. In fact, you can feel free to chomp into a juicy apple like Snow White. Just remember to brush and floss afterwards, because you can!

What are the advantages to having dental implants Stockton?

At CDIC, we are specialists in implants and we know all about the benefits of having them. Aside from the stability that they offer, you can have a single tooth implanted, or you can have several; you can even have a full set. We offer an ‘all-on-4-same-day-teeth’ option, where you can have all of your teeth replaced with just 4 posts for the replacement teeth to be fitted to and this can be completed in one visit, including the removal of your natural teeth, if required. We can also do this using mini or midi implants too, for when you are replacing teeth that have been missing for over 6 months. Saving time on visits to see us may well be appealing if you lead a hectic lifestyle or you don’t fancy spending unnecessary time on hanging out with us! All implants are easy to maintain with brushing and flossing, and you should find that they last you a very long time indeed – if not a whole lifetime!

Anything I need to know about?

If you think that implants sound like they could be the solution to your ‘mirror, mirror’ complex, why not book in for a consultation with us to find out if you are suitable for treatment? Sometimes, patients don’t have enough bone density in their jaws for the posts to be attached to, but this may be rectified with a bone graft. Coming for a consultation will allow us to check your mouth and take any necessary X-rays to determine if this is a treatment that could work for you.

You don’t need to be a prince or princess to have dreams come true where missing teeth are concerned; you can have the smile you want to have when faced with the inescapable social media moment. Come and chat to us at CDIC and we’ll show you how.