The thought of getting dental implants might be quite a daunting thought to some, or to some it may be a necessity. Regardless of your situation, there are bound to be questions, how natural will my implants look? Can I still eat my favourite foods? How long will they last? And so on. Below we answer some of the most common questions that arise around dental implants.

How long will my implants last?

If you care for your implants as you would for your natural teeth there is no reason for them to not last a lifetime. Regular brushing and cleaning, as well as good oral hygiene, will mean your implants will as long as required.

How natural will my implants look?

Once the implant is fully fitted it will look completely natural and unnoticeable as an implant. The implant will sit naturally along the gum line and will fit completely naturally within your mouth.

How cost-effective are implants?

Whilst the cost of implants can seem high from initial examination compared to other restoration methods once everything is considered, implants can be the most cost-effective solution. Other methods may need replacing over time and regular check-ups. Whereas implants, if looked after properly can last a lifetime, therefore providing a particularly cost-effective solution.

Will they limit what I can eat?

A question that almost every person asks when considering implants! Whilst each case needs to be individually assessed, in the majority of cases, once the implants are stable you will be able to eat and drink as normal.

How easy are implants to look after?

Implants will fit naturally in your mouth and require the same care and attention as your natural teeth. Regular brushing and flossing along with your standard dentist and hygienist appointments will keep your implants in good condition. A common mistake people make is to assume that they are more resilient than natural teeth. They will, however, still be impacted by the same threats as your natural teeth, plaque, tartar and gum disease.

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