You can really get a whole new smile in less than 24 hours with dental implants Stockton and the All-on-Four procedure. We can support the entire upper and lower row of new false teeth on only four dental implants (2 at the top and 2 at the bottom) to give you a brand new smile in a day. It requires some prep work and time to create the sets of teeth, however, once they are ready you can come into the practice and in just a few hours we will have you grinning confidently with a new set of pearly whites.

The creation of your new teeth

In order to make you a beautiful set of teeth, we will undertake some serious discussion with you about your expectations, what you want your teeth to look like in terms of length, shape, and colour. Then with the use of photos and X Rays and even digital scanning, we can create a look that you are happy with. Only once we are sure that your teeth are going to be exactly what you want we will make a cast of your mouth to send off to the labs along with all the other evidence we have collected in order for them to create a beautiful set of teeth that not only look good but fit comfortably too.

What is a dental implant and how do they hold so many teeth in place?

Dental implants in Stockton are small titanium screws which are set into the bone of the jaw. We use titanium because human bone tissue can fuse with it and grow onto it which means that they will make the perfect anchor for a new set of teeth. The reason we only need 2 implants to hold an entire set of teeth together is because the teeth that are created are all fused together, like a denture, so it is only necessary to anchor temp in place at two key points on either side of the mouth.

It has been determined that 4 implants are just enough to support proper bone growth for longevity meaning that you won’t suffer bone loss in your old age and your facial structure will remain the same in terms of bone shape.

The procedure

Setting a dental implant in place takes about 25 min, and you will be getting for, so for the actual surgery time, you are looking at just over an hour of treatment before we fit your new sets of teeth.

Please remember that we won’t do any procedures on you without first completely numbing the area with a local anaesthetic, there is no need for concern about pain, you won’t have any when we work on you. In order to place dental implants Stockton into the bone, we will first open the gum to expose the area we intend to work on, then we will make a hole big enough into the bone to place the small titanium screw that is the implant. Once all these have been placed we will fix an abutment to each one so that the set of teeth can be clipped onto them.